“With Allegria, the idea is to look for poetry wherever it is to be found, in the dancers’ bodies, in burlesque, and also in the violence of the world. 
I want to express a lighter version of the very serious events occurring in the world”
Kader Attou

Endowing bodies with speech in order to transcend reality.
From a tiny every-day gesture taking flight towards a subtle poetic movement. Confronting objects and bodies, taking what exists and rendering it improbable.
Kader Attou engages with these concepts when undertaking a new choreographic project. With his own special brand of humor, the choreographer leads his dancers into a dreamlike journey through the world that surrounds us. He questions the limits, the peculiarities of a confinement, like a book of animated images. He has chosen to talk about the world whilst dreaming it; this is his way of remaking it.
The way in which he creates the illusion is both moving and amusing, appealing to the child in us all, cultivating the absurd and the impossible. Surrounded by his travelling companions and also by some new dancers, Kader Attou offers us a playful and sensitive imaginary universe that is slightly melancholic. ­Allegria claims first and foremost to be a piece that is both joyful and tender, like a poem danced to life.




Artistic Direction & choreography: Kader Attou
Dancers from the La Rochelle CCN /Accrorap:  Gaetan Alin, Hugo de Vathaire, Jackson Ntcham, Artem Orlov, Mehdi Ouachek,
Maxime Vicente, Kevin Mischel, Pasquale Fortunao
Assistant : Mehdi Ouachek
Dramaturgy: Kader Attou
Scenography: Camille Duchemin en collaboration avec Kader Attou
Musical composition: Régis Baillet – Diaphane
Lighting design: Fabrice Crouzet
Production : CCN de La Rochelle – Cie Accrorap, Direction Kader Attou
Coproduction : La Coursive, Scène Nationale de La Rochelle

“What joy, pleasure, and excitement! With Kader Attou’s new piece Allegria created in 2018, the hip hop choreographer whets our appetite for cheerfulness and good humor. In this show for eight performers, the director of the CCN (National Choreographic Center of La Rochelle) intends to “seek poetry wherever it is, in the bodies of the dancers, in the burlesque but also in the violence of the world. I choose to approach with lightness the very serious events that are taking place in the world.”
Rosita Boisseau – TÉLÉRAMA

“With Kader Attou, everyday life is never far-removed from the stellar canopy.Humor lies in the way the choreographer organizes jumps and soars, as well as floor landings.And there is no lack of it. In a little more than an hour, exultation rises like a fever. And when ­Kader Attou appears on stage to greet the audience, we let out a joyful cry to the heavens that happiness indeed exists.”
Ariane Bavelier – LE FIGARO

“Drawing on his hip hop vocabulary, a new form of composition, tinged with tender virtuosity or even melancholy, Kader Attou, transcends – or transdanses – everyday existence.It is his way of remaking the world by effacing the darkness that threatens it through a series of tableaux where clarity and contrast are the guiding principles.”
Agnès Izrine – LA TERRASSE

Tours 2017 > 2020


20 January
Montrouge, Le Beffroi

4 February
Meaux, Théâtre Luxembourg

6 February
Rambouillet, La Lanterne

8 February
Herblay sur seine,  Théâtre Roger Barat

30 April
Ville de Riom

Cie Accrorap
Direction Kader Attou

Création 2017
Piece for 8 dancers
Premiered at La Coursive, La Rochelle from 7th to 10th November 2017.

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