The Accrorap Company/direction Kader Attou is Associate Artist of Scènes et Cinés, Scène conventionnée Art en Territoire for the period 2022-2024.
This association enables itineraries to be thought out for hip-hop culture to circulate through the development of creating works, supporting teaching and its presence across the territory.

Creation coproduction



Creation 2022
Prélude, the first project in the territory by the choreographer, is a choreographic work for nine dancers, men and women, from the Region. With a large number of performances programmed for 2023, Prélude is both the base and the lever to deploy  a panel of projects of sharing, exchanging, and developing education channels and constructive work with all sorts of structures (schools, social centres, dance schools, sports clubs, etc.).
The projects take place across the intercommunal territory: Istres, Miramas, Fos-sur-Mer, Port-Saint-Louis, Cornillon-Confoux and Grans.


Le Murmure des Songes

Creation 2023
Le Murmure des Songes combines several choreographies and embraces various forms. The work thus finds its strength on large stages as well as in more unusual or smaller venues. It adapts itself to a wide variety of audiences, for young children in particular, to create wonder, magic, and evoke powerfully poetic images.

6 – 7 November: Premières in Istres, L’Usine (Théâtre de l’Olivier – Scènes et Cinés,  « off site »)

©Damien Bourletsis

Projects around the territory

Transmission of Gesture

The Accrorap Company proposes initiation workshops, and more advanced courses, for those wishing to explore hip-hop dance, create work for stages, and to the aesthetics of Kader Attou, in relation to his works, Prélude and Le Murmure des Songes.
The advanced courses enable full immersion in the choreographer’s universe. Their objectives are to transmit the gestures and movements specific to his works and to create a part of these two performances.

Dance Workshops, inspired by the work LE MURMURE DES SONGES at the Espace Gérard Philippe, Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône – For fourth to sixth year pupils in primary schools (Ecole Paul Eluard, Ecole Romain Rolland, Ecole Jules Verne) - Jan/Mar 2024

Dance Workshops, inspired by the work PRÉLUDE at the Espace Gérard Philippe, Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône – In partnership with GM2.30, Temps Danse, AS Danse, Collège Robespierre, Conservatoire Musique et Danse. (2022 - 2023)

Workshops with the Théâtre de Fos in Fos-sur-Mer in partnership with the Senior Center. Presentation on June 11, 2024, at the Théâtre de Fos-sur-Mer with the projection of a video capsule created by Damien Bourletsis

Dance Workshops (2023), inspired by the work PRELUDE with: the Théâtre la Colonne in Miramas, the Théâtre de l'Olivier in Istres, the Théâtre de Fos in Fos-sur-Mer.

Visual art workshops: Tame your monster!

These workshops are led by Jessie Désolée, illustratrator and creator of the monsters in the video scenography for the performance Le Murmure des Songes.
With a few pens and sheets of paper, Jessie Désolée proposes to bring to life all the little monsters that live in children’s imagination and become friends with those that haunt their nightmares.

TAME YOUR MONSTER workshops led by Jessie Désolée for the schools in Port Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, for fourth to sixth year pupils in primary schools (Ecole Paul Eluard, Ecole Romain Rolland, Ecole Jules Verne) - Jan 2024.

La Nuit du Ring 


Artistic director Kader Attou

Imagined by the artist in residency, on the banks of the Etang de l’Olivier in Istres, this Nuit du Ring has generated unusual battles between hip-hop dancers and sports men and women. The teams have competed each other in battles face to face and arbitrated by professional speakers from the world of boxing before a jury composed of guests. A true championship with its quarter, semi and finals… Sport and dance meet and mix to become one.