Since the beginning of my career, I have always refused stereotypes. I consider that hip hop is a discipline of art and research where cultures, artistic practices and experiences meet. The idea of this new production started by meeting with remarkable musicians who play rare and unusual instruments. I have shared my universe with them and they have agreed to work on the project. Loup Barrow, a multi-instrumentalist and percussionist who is always looking for new sounds, is among the great specialists of the cristal baschet, “the crystal organ” whose keyboard consists of glass rods that he strokes with his wet fingers, sculpting a fascinating sound by creating vibration effects. Grégoire Blanc, is a Cellist and engineer and one of the few players who has mastered the theremin. The theremin is a mysterious electronic instrument that is played by undulating hands inside an electromagnetic field and without touching anything. It makes a sound like an invisible violin emanating vibratos and dazzling melodies of exceptional purity.
Thereafter, the desire to work around the notion of the strange and unusual was born, which generates beauty and poetry whilst renewing the dialogue between music, dance and scenography.
Between unexpected appearances, moments of illusion and elements of surprise, we enter a space-time where the extraordinary replaces the ordinary. The dance is performed by six dancers from the hip hop and contemporary aesthetics.
Three other artists with a distinctive universe will work with me: the scenographer Olivier Borne who, with his imaginary places, his expressionist sets which play on the poetics of the object. Régis Baillet who, with his sensitive music, characterizes the electroacoustic and crystalline loops whose elegance and fluidity accompany my dance. Camille Duchemin will accompany me on the dramaturgy. The musicians will be on stage, alongside the dancers, impregnating with their virtuosity and their personality. It is a production that reflects of our interactions and emotions being baroque, intense and surprising.

Kader Attou

Artistic director & choreographer: Kader Attou
Dancers: Erwan Godard, Capucine Goust, Ioulia Plotnikova, Wilfried Ebongue, Sébastien Vela Lopez, Pasquale Fortunato
Musical composition: Régis Baillet – Diaphane
Live musicians: Loup Barrow, Grégoire Blanc
Scenography: Olivier Borne
Dramaturgy: Camille Duchemin
Lighting design: Fabrice Crouzet

Producer : CCN La Rochelle – Cie Accrorap / Direction Kader Attou
Coproducer : Les Gémeaux/Sceaux/Scène nationale ; La Villette, Paris ; La Coursive, scène nationale de La RochelleChâteauvallon, scène nationale ; Théâtre de Chartres, scène conventionnée art et création.

« We try to find a thread that brings this virtuosity to serve a story, a suspended moment.»
Kader Attou for L’Entracte

« I wanted to renew the connection between music, dance, and scenography. Les Autres gives birth to a space-time where the ordinary gives way to the extraordinary.»
Kader Attou for Le Progrès


5 January
Scène nationale, Dieppe

2 February
Le Carré SN, Château-Gontier

9 June
Espace des Arts SN, Chalon-sur-Saône

22 December
Charleroi, Palais des Beaux-Arts ASBL

11 October
Amiens, Maison de la Culture


3 May
Théâtre Romain Rolland, Villejuif

Cie Accrorap
Direction Kader Attou

Creation 2021

Piece for Dancers and Musicians
Premieres: 30th & 1st October at the Toboggan, Décines-Charpieu (France)

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